After completing my Master of Fine Art studies at Middlesex University in London, I continue the artist’s journey I began a few decades ago.

Personal experience, the social context, the environment in which we live, and the influence of nature as ready made art have shaped the creative themes such as Humanity as a part of Universe, and Nature.

Expressive means to convey the ideas opens the dialogue with the viewer, leaving space to interpret the work in its own way.

Surrealistically deformed human figures and facial expressions, a delicate line and a self-confident brushstroke, deliberately exaggerated objects and intense color form a distinctive style of the painter influenced by German expressionist painting, fascination with bright Fauvist colors and a futuristic idea of existence in time and space.

Group and solo exhibitions in the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, Norway; the artworks went to these countries also to Cyprus, Sweden and Ireland.