Raimondas Žvirblis

     The works are dreamy, made on time and have a very high quality to them! You look at the painting and nothing is moving and yet you just want to keep looking at it!

Asta Vaitiekuniene-Edrees

From the canvas of Rita you can sense a certain tranquility, warmth and harmony. I marvel at her works “From the very bottom”. I recommend her – you won’t be disappointed!

Vygailė Vilčiauskaitė

Landscapes, acts, portraits – she is an artist with a wide profile. Her works elicit only the positive emotions and for me it is the landscapes that impress me the most – it is as if a moment permanently captured in time.

Ilona Čiužauskaitė

The paintings of Rita emanate warmth, good emotions and positivity. It even seems as if every stroke opens a new palet of good emotions. For those that are looking for paintings with warm and bright colors, you will not be disappointed by acquiring her works. My home is adorned with a few of her masterpieces. I am very happy that I acquired them.

Dana ir Tadas Miknevičiai

We acquired the painting MIŠKO TAKAS by Rita Krupavičiūtė at her solo exhibition. It seems as if the moon itself shines from the painting. Thanks to that it feels a lot more cozy at home. We sincerely recommend to you to acquire some paintings as well.